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Temporal Tantrum v1 (video music)


Uploaded .

Background music for a fun father/daughter YouTube video editing collaboration/experiment (embedded here.) My daughter and I filmed and edited the movie, and I wrote the music after hearing some video-game music my daughter wanted me to emulate. This music is slightly updated from the original music in the video… and is a little basic and repetitive, works better under the video, or possibly as a collaboration with somebody offering to add vox/real guitar over it? Send me a note if interested :-)

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General X said

very German

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Johnny Stone said

Great vid mate and cool track.

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Dave Berry said

Fantastic music, this is very, very good

Guest said

Still love this, and I know what it's about now! ;-)

Guest said

Each time I hear this, I hear something I had missed previously.

Guest said

This is just so great, E! Stirring stuff and it's fab to see video accompanying your tracks.

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kirklynch said

Can't wait to check out the video. The music is fabulous!

Guest said

Moving and atmospheric piece, perfect company for the video but stands well on it's own. Very nice!

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