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This track is almost 14 years old, but is the result of me getting an hour or so alone in the KIIS FM studios thanks to my old college buddy Mike Madrigal who was doing production imaging for the station at the time. I did the drum loops (sampled from DJ Food) and then dropped in the two bass lines, and Mike lent me his library of sound clips from various movies and Television shows…dropping in things at the appropriate place and then letting me treating them. We both worked on the same digital work station back in our early days of radio production at KY-102 in KC (which is where I did Matanuska Thunderf@*k) so it was fun to work on something together. Anyway…this was a quick in-and-out session (the way I usually like to work), it was loads of fun, and I was wound up tighter than an eight-day clock…because that’s what L.A. life was like for me at the time. Things are much more chill now up here on the mountain, as you can tell from my more current dub-mode.

Guest said

I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it!

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Movement To Contact said

Yep yep yep, diggin it this mornin

Guest said

holy shit this should be in a spike lee movie i really dig this man, the bass is masterfull it sounds like some 90's jungle music with samples, great

Guest said

Dig it!

Guest said

Pretty rad!

Guest said

great scott great scott ttocs taerg ttocs taerg

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

That was pretty entertaining. Sounds like it was fun to put together!

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Drop D said

That image works for me! Thanks for dropping by, Derek!

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Derek Dibbern said

Chase scene with UFO's between dimensions

Guest said

Yeh like it. It sort of reminds me a little of Thomas Dolby and there aint nothing wrong with that.

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