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Runner's Dub

Drop D

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A little more up-tempo than my usual stuff, this is the first track I recorded with my melodica. Those things are TONS of fun. Had lots of fun making the drum track too. Really simple…drums, fretless bass (two tracks) and melodica…that’s it.

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Djörk said


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Sandy Gritt said

cool groove, cool beat.

Guest said

Yes this has that mellow Reggae chill, that slow low bass is sick! Kick ass track Sir!

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Drop D said

Thanks for listening madhouse! It's good to know that it was good and smashed too. The question was nagging me.

Guest said

funky!!! and yes i did smash it....all over the place

Guest said

Augustus Meister strikes again!

Guest said

dub a dub, run da dub!!! m2c

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