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Ice Cream Operation


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Another day
Sittin round the cabin
Just coolin your feet

We gotta plan
An ice cream operation
let’s get somethin to eat

We’re goin out
Sneaking down the pathway
Try to find the way

We find the door
Open up the freezer
grab a bar
And pay for it some other day

Some rocky road
Or some vanilla
It don’t matter to me

Make a choice
I make decisions
I eat whatever I see

Around the back
sneaking in the side door
Try to cover the light

Covers the label
Grab me some
And pay for it some other day

I’ve had my fill
For the moment
For an hour or so

Then a craving
Will get me started
Back to the freezer we go

Crawling round
in the moonlight
Just like a couple of thieves

A nighly treat
for a glutton
get a bar
And pay for it some other day

or in the evening
Any hour will do

Get some ice cream
For everybody
Just remember to
Pay for it some other day

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Sister Savage said

Showing off some serious guitar chops here! Nice vibe throughout.

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