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I know a man who lives down the street, who
Never goes out on his very own feet. He
Always goes out in his fancy new car
Even if he doesn’t travel too far, It

doesn’t matter which neighbors you know
As long as size of your salary shows, you
prove it to them by the number things
The amazon com delivery brings, we’ve

run out of places to keep it all
So build a new shed on the side
Order online and we’ll keep on buying
More, More, More, More

This Kindle device supposedly made for
Saving the use of all of that paper
Buy a new every couple of years
Tossing the old one on top of my gear, I’m

Working too hard every day of the week
To pay for all of the items I seek, I
Finished with one better buy me another
Then buy another one for my mother

The final result of the money you spend
Is buying more stuff to discard in the end
If you keep all the stuff that you constantly order
Your neighbors will start to think your a hoarder

At least you can say you’re always prepared
Except for that possibility where
Everything goes along as it should
The united states dollar can be traded for food

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