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Seven Days


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The song has seven-beat measures. Get it?

I take a walk through this lonely town
walkin up and im walkin down

Never find what I’m lookin for
Cause if I do it will be a chore

A walk around and go home again
Settle down in my funky den

Wonderin where that 8th one went
The rhythm has an early end

Seven Days a Week
Seven Days a Week
Seven Days a Week
I‘m gonna freak

Seven Days a Week
Seven Days a Week
Seven Days a Week
I skip a beat

I only live subterranean
Keeping outa the rain again

Play around with a little box
To got a rhythm I hope it rocks

It goes around and comes down again
Before it gets to the proper end

It leaves you wantin a little more
Makes you trip on the dancing floor



I’m listenin to those jackhammers
And the roar of them bulldozers

Including all the construction sounds
All them tools that really pound

So I go for a walk again
I’m avoiding the final end

That’s the way the song does go
And I want it to end just so


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