The System


This was the song I had to pull out of my wazoo on Monday night to finish the challenge. I didn’t try anything fancy, since I had not time for re-takes, but I think it came out OK. It could really use a country slide-guitar or something, though. Any volunteers?

When I’m wondering what kinda shirt to wear
I don’t just choose one hanging there

I take the first one on the right
the others are simply out of my sight

From the left I take a pair of jeans
never substituting blues for greens

It helps me get decisions made
so my commute wont be delayed

I have a system that works for me
It helps me be what I can be

I have a system for everything
even for which key to sing

It’s time to have some breakfast now
A piece of pork or a piece of cow?

Perhaps some fruit would be OK
But It’s determined by the week and day

I wonder if it’s a day to shave
But my decision has been made

I don’t even need a mirror to say
If it’s Sunday Wednesday or Friday


My schedule is set for me
everything works out perfectly

My only trouble will appear
Whenever something interferes

With the system I have planned so well
Then everything will go to hell

I’ll have to start all over again
And hope my system never ends


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Dirty Spirits said

cool RPM. lots of life in your music. well done. this is another good one.

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