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Product Of A Diseased Mind


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The original title was ‘Mediocre Fajita’ (long story)… It started out with the initial bass riff but I ran out of creativity and left it. Then over the course of Christmas 2020 I got COVID so most of the time I had neither the willingness or ability to do much at all. Slowly I added bits of melodies that I had flying around my head and somehow managed to put them together and join them up (some more successfully than others)

It should be a 17 minute prog opus but ended up being 5 and a half minutes and a bit breathless… But as the title says, it ’s the product of a diseased mind…

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Sister Savage said

Love the exploratory feel in this - especially that dreamy mid section. Sorry you guys have been struck by the evil 19. Sending you all the gentle vibes - you have to do RPM again in a few weeks... ;)

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