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Malignant Inception - Crystal Echoes DRAFT


Uploaded .

Rough DRAFT of a new Malignant Inception’s song

This song is written with two guitars in slightly different tuning. Not a huge difference but it’s been fun, and I think it sounds cool.

One 6 string tuned to D Standard(432Hz), and the other guitar is a 7-string tuned to Eb Standard(432Hz).

Added some supporting tracks and adjusted volumes and panning on 5-29 PM
Added Lead and adjusted rhythm melody over lead riff.
Re-recorded beginning of lead and added a supporting track during thrashy part on 6-1

New bass EQ and enhancement on 6-7

No vocals or keys yet.

Guest said

Sounds good bro

Guest said

Please don't rape this with keyboards.

Guest said

Sounds good

Guest said

Everything that come out of ed brain that he wrights with is amazing and from the soul!!!!

Guest said

Keyboards are for twats!!!! This is perfect without them.

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