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Brain Damage (Pink Floyd)


Uploaded .

Very simple version of this Pink Floyd classic. Lots of mistakes and some notes out of tune. Anyway, I hope you like and/or enjoy.

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epimeison said

Thanks regs!!!

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epimeison said

Thank you very much Dave!! I have ‘Eclipse’ as well, but i thought it was too much..

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thetworegs said


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Dave Berry said

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love this. I love Pink Floyd, and hearing it done like this this is so good. Wonderful.

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epimeison said

Thanks igor! i really enjoy playing this..

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epimeison said

Thanks capt!

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igor said

This is a Brain Damage. According to the title and genre of the songs here can not be mistakes as well as “notes out of tune”. Important is your enjoyment in the game, and if it was, it is our pleasure while listening. C’mon!

Guest said

Cool spin on a classic.

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