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transparent sea


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a culmination of the past few nights, alone, in the dark, a feeling has been lingering and this is my attempt at capturing it.

this is unfinished i think, i feel like something needs to be changed or added or taken away, or that it needs to be extended…or something i am not sure.

any suggestions?

Lithia Spring and the Beatniks of Destruction's avatar
Lithia Spring and the Beatniks of Destruction said

Massive drums.

Guest said

Meltdown flow!

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Whales said

I love your music

Guest said

so what was the feeling anyway?

Guest said

yea what T Miesta said! hehe. This is something you drew from the atmosphere...the make. You caught one of those magical moments with this. Seems you reached that place..who was it, Plato or Socratese talked about...a place where all creative people tap into..

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

love it all! is that a typewriter? What was the forum post?

Guest said

Still kicking ass!!

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Goblin mA.I.sta said

Holy crap man... Akira Yamaoka would be proud. This is definitely something to listen to in the dark and ponder about what isn't there, or at least what SHOULDN'T be there. I am jaw gaping at this as I sit here and listening to it. I feel like, as soon as what sounds like sneakers on a basketball court come into play, a visceral feeling of something eerie always lurking around me. I LOVE IT! More give me more bro!

Guest said

can't wait to hear what you do with this one. The forum post about it got my interest peeked. :)

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Johnny Stone said

nice sounds man dig it

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harvey said

Great stuff. I'm glad I found your work, this is awesome.

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