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I’m including this, beacause I want to be able to say, and demonstrate, just what Steve Buzzell, my musical partner and collaborator means to several of the songs that are either here already, or will follow. This is all Steve. In all the songs but one(Life is a play) The leads are played by him, all Sax parts are played by him all the keyboards except two (I follow the call, Echoes of the heart) are his, drums are often written and painstakingly constructed by him. he makes incredible arangements of things I request, or sometimes things I had no concept of (and so makes our music way more than the sum of either of us) So here it is. This is a song he gave me to write lyrics for, all musical pieces of this are his, written, conceived and played by him. I gave it this title to post it here. When I come up with lyrics, he gets this: Hi Steve, can we change this to be this long here and this long there? It’s a wonder I’m still living or don’t have broken limbs. Thanks Steve, for not killing me (yet)

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listener said

This says so much with the music, can't wait to hear what lyrics you will come up with, the rest of your music has words that fit the instruments so well, each could stand alone, but together really take listener someplace.

Guest said

Awesome're lucky to have found someone you work so well with - and he's also lucky. Haha, and you're very lucky especially, as my last musical partner used to say stuff to me like, 'I'd like to hear more melody. Keep working on it.' Looking forward to hearing what you do with this.

Guest said

Great tune , good work.

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kirklynch said

Steve is a very talented guy! This is Beautiful!

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