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A Matter of Truth


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The epochs are changing, the kaleidoscope of events is spinning faster and faster. The horizon of events, as the beginning of the rainbow, is not possible to reach. Which does not mean that there is no way for others.

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Colleen Dillon said

Gorgeous! I can see dancers spinning spinning and spinning...

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igor said

Hi Trev! Some obvious goals are difficult to reach, or at all impossible as it becomes clear with ages, eh... And some events like what you mention are the result of averaging the opinions of ALL. A mean average solution will never be what you need. In this case it is a "loss of face " in front of all Europe :) If we go back to the music here, for me this piece began with trying to talk by the piano, uneven as the ordinary people talks. Then, the play was turned out as part of the theme "We, humans ".

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thetworegs said

" A matter of truth" which will not be found in a British Parliment during the tumble of Brexidiot

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