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To those of you who go down the rabbit hole. It’s been a long winter. <3Kat

How much should I sleep? What should I eat?
How to be a better friend
Why am I tired, uninspired? Writer’s block, world’s end
How much noise from your neighbor is unreasonable?
Why do I hide when I’m lonesome? How to find that special someone
without a dating app
How much for a flight from Elko to Flagstaff?
How to be funny, how to make money, have we lost our social skills?
How much Styrofoam is sitting in the landfills?
Did we praise a Goddess before we praised a God?
Cake decorating videos, why can’t I feel my toes?
Persuasion, manipulation and influence
Is fear an effective means of governance?

Are we controlled by algorithms? Why Hawaiian people hate tourism
Just how much loving touch do we need?
Is it worse if a parent dies or if they leave?
How to restore the ecosystem, how to train your intuition
Is the dress black and blue or white and gold?
Why does being lonely make me feel so cold?
How to repair your voice, how can women reclaim their choice
Why do I always feel like a criminal?
Are all of our desires just subliminal?
Does self hatred give you cancer? Is AI the answer?
How to redefine White America, repay our debts
When society collapses what will happen to our pets?

TBI and its long term effects, why does it hurt when I have sex?
How to resist the attention economy
Am I so privileged that I can question reality?
Stop counting calories, why is intimacy a sexual thing?
How to pay respect to veterans and protest war
How not to let trauma define who you are
If children are the future, then what is a childless woman?
Why do I still imagine God as a white man?
Why am I only creative when I’m sad?
If I like girls, how do I love a boy? How to rediscover joy
Are we becoming more hateful or more kind?
If we died tomorrow, what would we leave behind?

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nocturnalstar said

Love the lyrics on this

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AMUC said

I'm digging this one. The lyrics really connect.

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