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Sleeping Fire Bird


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I’ll stay here for awhile,
hiding under the folds of white light.
warm clouds of a blanket nest
I transform, beneath
layers and layers and
layers and layers
layers and layers
layers and layers.

You came to me in a dream,
you ripped apart my seams.
and I can’t be anything, more
than what you see.
I can’t give anything, more
than what you take.

You, you were my sun.
Oh… Oh…
You, you were my sun.
Oh…Oh …

Can you hear my heart?
listen through these words:
I was taken by,
gust of light in the
winds of my nights.

Planets burn,
through these moons.
I fly through,
forests of stars.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one dig it.

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hexagonalbolts said

cool song...I would try putting a de-esser on your vox.

Guest said

Ethereally beautiful track. By the way, welcome to Alonetone!

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