Jack Merlot

Jack Merlot

from Minneapolis, United States

About "Dragon Child"

This song was recorded a short time prior to a very messy break-up.

Hope you can feel me, it’s hard to put this out there.

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Dragon Child

by Jack Merlot

copyright 2009 some rights reserved

it’s been years since I felt like this
with a sweet little honey on my wrist
won’t you come stand with me in the night
before the clutch of our death-grip comes tight

Oh my dragon
oh my dragon you can come with me
I don’t know where I’m standing, on a cliff

with your heart in my hands,
I will decide
we are vultures in a state of denial
when you talked with everybody at the bar
the other night I laughed
cuz I know you’re coming home
and that’s what I planned

oh baby this time it’s gonna be rough
I don’t think I can fly any further, myself, oh no
it’s been years since I felt you in my heart
and this ocean’s only tearin’ me apart

it’s been years since I felt like this
with the sweetest little honey and she’s
pulling on my wrist
oh sweet dragon child dragon child my friend
I wanna be with you until the bitter end

I won’t die, I won’t die
but you gotta stay with me now now
I know I’ve been fucking up a lot but
it’s the way I am

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