Jack Merlot

Jack Merlot

from Minneapolis, United States

About "East St Paul (ESP)"


by Jack Merlot

copyright 2008 - all rights reserved

scarecrow sprawls against the spiralling fall
the masquerade celebrating our migration
I’m falling from your pedestal
while you’re pondering hibernation

the circumstances lead us into a brawl
so we made our escape from the bar
Went to the filigree of East St Paul
which was much more mellow, by far

Now this is where it gets hazy
‘cuz I surely recall who was driving
and I wouldn’t call her lazy
but there was trouble on the horizon

won’t you come clean, I said
it’s been a couple years I guess
won’t you sleep easier
putting those fears to rest

*** musical break ***

now, I kinda doubt my memory should be trusted
but without collaboration, we were busted
in fact, we could all sense the trouble worsening
while our stories were readjusted

we had some minor discrepencies,
our stories incomplete
that would have made my expertise
completely obsolete

In any case, this is where it gets hazy
so for the statute of limitations
I’m going to buy you a daisy
and we’re going to call it even

won’t you come clean, she said
well you’ve been a mess
won’t you breathe easier
sticking to the west

Props out to Mama Bear from Papa Bear.

To my best friends forever, Jessie & Katie.

All the crew in the Shadowlands, you know who you are.

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