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Ghost Town

James Michael Taylor

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Key C

C Em F G C
I live in a Ghost Town somewhere on the edge of space
C Em F G
Everything is dusty and everything is in it’s place
Am Em F G C
All the doors hang open and when it rains I shake
C Em F G C
I live in a Ghost Town since you went away

I live in a Ghost Town somewhere lost to time
Everything is frozen and Love is the only crime
All the windows are broken and all the wells pumped dry
I live in a Ghost Town since you said “Good-bye.”

F Em
Where was I when the well went dry.
Where am I today
C Em
Right here In this Ghost Town
Since you went away

Out here on this desert the sun is not my friend
Up against this mountain where the timbers in the mine shaft bend
All the veins are gutter. All the Treasure spent
I’m here in this Ghost Town wondering where it went

Stepping from the darkness into a setting sun
I stumbled on a metaphor someone dropped on their last run
With only words to fight the fates I polish up my gun
I’ll be the ghost that got away when this song is done…

(C) 2018 Royal T Music

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Greg Connor said

Beautiful with descriptive imagery. Nice song.

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