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I want you to help me identify a murderer


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Pilotless Drone said

Ah, interesting! Maybe I’m misremembering but this sounds like it would have made a great sound-track song to the later Metroid incarnations. :)

(This is “boy named bri” btw. Just logged in on my band profile.)

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jazzsequence said

@boy named bri - the interesting thing is I never played Metroid. In any of its incarnations.

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boy named bri said

PS. Some of the sounds make me think of the old Metroid. I always liked the music for that game.

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boy named bri said

I second Hedestad’s comment. This could make great video-game or internet-lobby music. (Leaning towards video game, unless it was a bad-ass lobby.) I like! :)

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Breaking Light said

Nicely done, great album. Makes me want to read the book now.

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