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Hard Times

Gilbert Neilson

This great old (Public Domain) song by Stephen Foster which I just do and has nothing to do with my current state of life but may not be true for others.
I do this song in a most unusual way. That is to say I changed the melody of the verses. I just stumbled upon this chord structure and liked the way it sounded. I hope S.F. doesn’t mind and I hope you all like it too.

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Guest said

got this off of wikipedia.org

“Hard Times Come Again No More” is a popular song written by Stephen C. Foster during 1854. Well-known and popular in its day, both in America and Europe,

THANKS for this song. I love the story behind it.

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kirklynch said

Fav’d one minute in. Great Job. Love the chords you’ve chosen. Just beautiful

Guest said

Lovely airy feel. If I had a hangover this morning, this would be pure bliss - but I don’t, which makes it even sweeter.

Guest said

Yes, you have given this song the wonderful Gilbert treatment. Love the harmonica.

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