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Continuing to work with a tuning I was enlightened to by Chris Vaisvil, Porcupine tuning by Dustin Schallert. My platform is Pure Data and I created a patch with 12 oscillators, one per frequency of the Porcupine tuning, well except the last one I could not figure out and arrived a couple of different ones, this on the most pleasing. My Pure Data output created live went through a Eurorack uBurst module and captured on audio cassette. I then fed that back to the computer from a Tascam Porta 5. Created for Sound-In and what’s feeling like I’m going to produce another Bandcamp electronic EP. The feeling is a bit dark and continuing to echo Halloween in some way which has been last several of my works. On my run today I ran by Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Several years ago I was trying to find headstones for friend Paul’s ancestry quest. It was Halloween and it was late in the day, I got a bit lost and almost got locked up for the night!

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