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Perfect World


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Thanks to Marc Halikas for bass & acoustic guitar.

Happy. Sad
Distant as the night and day
Good and bad
Hoping for a better way
The thoughts of a happy past
Sometimes will bring
A measure of hope

Sharing thoughts
With someone that you thought you knew
Your world of dreams
Based on pictures that your memory drew
come awfully close to fading in abysmal void
I’ve lost the answer

But in my perfect world
That is where I see you now

Biding time. Hoping better days will come
A happy home. Elusive as a midnight sun
Awakened to the things I know
Will make you stay
But they sacrifice my own wants

But in my perfect world
That is where the light can shine
In my perfect world
That is where I’ll make it right
In my perfect world

In my perfect world
That is where my dreams fulfill
In my perfect world
I’ll realize my perfect will
Happiness will always be
In my perfect world

C 2011 John Bowen Music

Guest said

Lovely melody brings a beautiful sentiment.

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