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Living Water


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Wrote this song to go with the “Woman At the Well” story in the Bible. Got some buddies from the bluegrass band to play with us.

Guest said

Lovely and gentle. Is that a mandolin? Gorgeous!

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thetworegs said

Beautiful! ....Good Luck with the gig......

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kauaikta said

Thank you, Bethan! I missed seeing this before! Guess what, this Sunday we are playing at a small Christian music festival! (Yes, really small - probably 50 or so people by the time we come on!) We'll have the help of a real backup band - Electric bass, Drums, second guitar,mandolin and vocal. It'll be our first time doing this! Yikes!

Guest said

Such a gentle and hopeful song. Lovely! Nice to see you guys in action! Cheers Bethan

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