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Hello Little One

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Yes I saw a chupacabra.
Recorded for the 2020 RPM Challenge

Hello Little One

Hello little one
Glad I ran into you
Are you some kinda freak
Or did you escape from a zoo?
Ears like a fox, look like a dog
About as much hair as you’d find on a log
I’ve heard tell
You’d suck blood from a goat
But your too small to get near my throat
Your more scared of me I’d say
I just want to take a picture
So don’t run away
Hello little one..

I thought I’d seen all the critters that there was to see
But what kind of animal you are is a mystery to me
Never seen anything like
you under the sun
Where did you come from
When I get close away you run
We’ll see you later
I hope you have fun
Wherever you go
As far as you run
Better watch out for the man with the gun
Little one

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Sister Savage said

Overflowing with charm!