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Cymbaline (Pink Floyd)

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A bit of ‘Cymbaline’, one of the most wonderfull songs by Pink Floyd.
I hope you like and/or enjoy.

Guest said

Loveliness! This has a wonderful slow motion quality to it. Almost like a lullaby. Beautiful!

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epimeison said

Thanks Dave! Just a piece of this beautiful song.

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Dave Berry said

Yes, I do indeed love this song, great version epi, sweet.

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epimeison said

Thanks kavin!! It's a very very simple version... i'm glad you liked it!

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epimeison said

Thank you very much Wrinkled! I love this song..!

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kavin. said

Oh yes one of my PF faves. Added to my alonetone PF playlist.

Guest said

settling me over the top with this one, wow lovely!

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epimeison said

Thanks kirk! Check it out, it's from the '69 album 'More'.

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kirklynch said

Not familiar with the original, but this is beautiful!