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The Quarantine Kiss


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The Quarantine Kiss

Ever since all this shit began
Ive been socially distant
As safe as I can
Aloof and alone
But I’m not lonely
When I stay at home
I’ve got you to hold me
But there’s something missing
Are we being too careful
Because we’re not kissing

I miss
I miss
Your kiss
I missa your kiss like I missa good love
Come on baby let me taste-a some bliss

I don’t mean just a little peck
or brush my lips with your neck
I wanna lay one on ya
Full on suck face
Tongue extended at first base
I mean to say
I wanna swap some spit
Open that pie hole
Don’t you give me no lip

Wear a mask wash your hands
Even a child can understand
You’ve got to give a care about your fellow man
We should all be doing what we can
But when you get home it’s safe to say
When your test is negative
Kissa your honey anyway

copyright 2021 Tonefreak Music

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Sister Savage said

Oosh! :-)

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kavin. said

Thanks Colleen! Just replaced with an improved remastered version!

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Colleen Dillon said

Totally instant fav!!! Elvis has nothing on you sir! Thanks for giving out some smiles with this great song!!!!

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