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Distant Love


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A funky tune that I wrote a couple of years back.
All instruments and vocals by me
Hope you like it

Why don’t you come around anymore
Is it something that I’ve said
Or something that I’ve done, now tell me
Have I been behavin’ bad

All at once you seem so distant
Don’t want to see me anymore
Everytime I pull, you start to push
It is your love I’m craving for

Refr: Distant love, distant love
I’ve had enough of this distant love

You may put the blame on me
But honey, we both made mistakes
You should start to realise
That’s it’s a game of give and take

So all I want is one more chance
I just want to play this straight
There must be some misunderstanding
Sad to see good love turn to hate

Brdg: Come on closer
And set me free! Ooh, set me free!

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Gary Fox said

Keys! Awesome tone, really like how the chorus comes in.

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funkomatt said

Very clear sound. Nice song.

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pharmakeus said

Excellent track. Love the horn arrangement :)

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pharmakeus said

Great arrangement. I like the way you sunk the rhythm guitar with reverb. Excellent song

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