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Hearts On Fire


a guitarsong
all instruments by me
hope you like it

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Gary Fox said

Instant hit. Love the intro!

James Michael Taylor said

What a sunny song!

Kenneth Lavrsen said

Second time I heard this song. Yesterday I could not comment because of some spam detector that locked me. But I am released again and can give the feedback the song deserves
This is both a well written and well produced song. Radio quality. I really like the package. I will sit down and let your latest songs list run for a while and enjoy your fantastic music.

Garni said

Great to hear your work again Cees.
Great song!!

artneuro said

Great song. Good to see you carrying on!

pharmakeus said

OMG. I just realized. I must be clogging inboxes with my uploads

doktordoktor said

Cool song. Nice job!

pharmakeus said

Great track. Awesome band. Good song stylishly performed.

Ziur said

There is something with a Tom Petty flavor. Sounds great!! Good job!

fudgetusk said

Cool tune

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