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Sweet Sensation


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a song that I did on my own
have to drive a lot for my work, wrote a lot of songs about driving and this is one of them

Driving down that highway
Steppin’ on the gas
Blowin’ down the freeway
Honey, it’s a gazz

Got my eyes wide open
The music way too loud
My hands on the wheel
And my head in a cloud

I know it’s a violation
I know it’s out of line
But I just love the sensation
Ignore those speedlimit signs

Hear my engine roar
The world is flashin’ by
Can’t go any faster anymore
Couldn’t keep up if you tried

I’m drivin’ in highest gear
I’m pushed back in my seat
There’s no room for fear
Yeah, life is sweet!

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Gary Fox said

Dude...killer. Loving the rhythm section on this...

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pharmakeus said

Driving groove. Awesome tones

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stoman said

Nice, old-school rock, just the way I like it.

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