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You gotta be true (band version)


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Recorded September 20th

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr - drums
Hans Nooitgedagt Sr - lead guitar
Erwin B - bass, recording
KC - vocals, guitar, keys & mix

I don’t take no for an answer
I want to know what is true
Don’t be a tightrope dancer
That’s the politician in you

You keep your cards to your chest
You never say where it’s at
You keep saying you’re the best
The greatest we’ve ever had

Refr: I tell it to you straight
It’s your hubris that I hate
How can I have faith in you
With all the things you do

I don’t like those guessing games
I don’t like to be kept in the dark
Please tell me about your goals and aims
What is going on in your heart

Brdg: You gotta be true (3x)
True to yourself

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Greg Connor said

It would be fun to hear your band play live someday. I wonder if you have anything on YouTube?

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