All of Me

Keith Landry

Yeah, I’m pretty much willing to do anything for you.


I always thought that only fools
Could fall for love at first sight
But when I caught you in the corner of my eye
I knew they might’ve had it right
You wouldn’t think a man like me
Would want to give it one more try
But something ‘bout you’s got a hold on me
And I’m wondering why

I’ve seen your face before
Although I can’t remember when
And I would launch a thousand ships
Just to see your face again

For the chance to be
Running wild and free
I’d give you all of me

Your heart is made of gold and I can tell
‘Cuz mine’s been covered in rust
I’ve been broken, gotten tired, gotten old
I never thought that I could trust
Maybe all these years of holding back
Has got me wanting to let go
And why it took so long to find you here
Is something I’d sure like to know

The music in your laughter
I don’t want to fight
And I’d crash upon your shore
To hear you singing in the night

For the chance to be
Here with you dancing by the sea
I’d give you all of me

Girl, you amaze me
And there’s nothing I won’t do
And you might think I’m crazy
But I’ve got some news for you
I think I’m crazy, too

So all I need to know
Is will you take me by the hand
And look me in the eye
Or leave me where I stand?

For the chance to be
Running wild and free
Dancing by the sea
I’d give you all of me

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Guest said

this is now my favorite upbeat one!

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another cultural landslide said

I truly believe in love at first sight is true. That’s what happened to Kirk & I. Great song!

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