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Rolling On By

Keith Landry

Created all in one go with nothing to write on while I walked the Hilton Head beach in the rain last spring, this gentle little song more came through me than from me.


I had an old soul when I was a young man
Turning my phrases in so many ways, man today I still don’t understand
It’s like I’m flying blind

I think life is an old joke being told by a wise man
So don’t you start guessing or going ‘round messing with powers you don’t understand
Just laugh until you cry

Rolling on by
Rolling on by
Rolling on by

Trying so hard to get closer to fine
Am I ahead or behind my own time?

There’s an old road that runs out to an island
And if you’re too needy and if you get greedy, you’re washing up dead on the sand
Tide, don’t rise too high

Rolling on by
Rolling on by
Rolling on by

Something inside my says I can fly
Hell, all that I’ve learned might be a lie

Now I’ve got a young soul even though I’m an old man
Turning my phrases and living each day, I keep crossing that line in the sand
I’m still flying blind
You can’t hold back the tide
I’ll be laughing ‘till I die

Rolling on by
Rolling on by
Rolling on by

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another favorite

another cultural landslide said

Keith, this is really nice. The lyrics are wonderful. Then again, your lyrics are always wonderful w;)

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