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The Sun Will Rise

Keith Landry

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Originally written for my sister going through 2020 hell, but man, it has applied to just about everyone by now. We’ll get through it, gang. We’ll get through it.


Where do you run to when you’re trapped inside
Who do you turn to when you just can’t hide
Is there a shoreline that holds back the tide

Feet in the ocean, head in the sky
Tied to the notion that you can fly
Leaves you wonderin’ why you try

I’ve stood in that darkness
Waist-deep in the sand
Just short of hopeless
My head in my hands

I know you can’t see it
In the dead of night
But the Earth is still turning
In it’s heavenly flight

And if you can hold out
And look to the skies
The tide will roll out
And the sun will rise

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Sister Savage said

Thank you for the gorgeous afternoon I've just spent listening to you telling your stories. A very beautiful album!

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