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Science of Dreams (with diegesisfreak)


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I’ve been looking for the formula
and science of my dreams
They’ve been following me around
and keeping me up at night

and sleeping through the day
eyes wide and trembling
and dreams won’t come, dreams won’t come
and then they don’t go away

There are certain mathematics
that must underpin their locutions
and there are angles and corners
that hold in them some solution

I am waiting for you
to slip into this dream
and take me off with you
I am waiting for you
to slip me from the bound
of my reality

But meanwhile…

I calculate imaginary numbers
and tabulate their hidden stores
I wonder at the mercenary A
when B & C can equal so much more

There are ten times ten the number
of these dreams are multiplying
And exponentially these dreams
fold into a sine of perfect size

and shape to fit into all the corners of my life
these dreams are on the desk
of my daily grind
They huddle like a million questions
and each one answered begins
to multiply

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