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60 Second Sonata For The Disconcertion Of Dogs

Magic Bullet

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This was originally on the Charlie Dog Records compilation, “False Noise”, released on Bandcamp in July 2021, our angle on the album theme being that it’s a short piece composed at frequencies which are beyond the hearing range of most humans, but should have your pet dogs looking very curiously at your speakers. We also keep a repository of all of our stuff on Reverbnation, from which we shared our ‘clever little gag’ widely on social media. “Can you hear our latest piece?” We asked. “Even though you probably can’t, does it drive your dog nuts? Let us know in the comments!” Nada. What we hadn’t counted on was that although we’d uploaded it in 320k to Reverbnation, they only stream at 128k, and part of the information they lose in that compression are all those frequencies beyond the normal range of human hearing. Same on Bandcamp, Charlie Dog confirmed they’d uploaded in WAV format at 1411k, but it streams at 128k. Well, thank fuck for the RPM Challenge leading us to Alonetone! Finally, a platform that streams at a resolution that DOESN’T lose 100% of our track! Hey, you may not enjoy it that much, but your dog will love it, and we love Alonetone for that!
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