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Amongst other things, we’re keen members of the EFSPACM group (Ensemble For Sound Poetry And Contemporary Music) coz it gives us the chance to indulge our artier tendencies. However, when they said they wanted to do a group album for the RPM Challenge this February (2023), we got all nostalgic and immediately felt another 35 minute ear-bleeder coming on! It’s not that Elling Lien has done anything to us, lovely guy, it was just kind of always going that way. At the moment, our Skit is going through a phase where everything is about lawnmowers, so here you go, a beautiful (in our own humble opinion) and gently (in a sense of the word you may not have been previously familiar with) changing wall of noise, lovingly created from lawnmower samples recorded in our own garden. We hope you’ll like it…
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