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Pigman Cut

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A fourth 35 minute epic for the Record Every Month Challenge, for which we apologise to Elling Lien and the team profusely. This time, we raided the garage for a rattle gun, also known as an impact gun or wrench. Some of the sounds used are original, albeit beautifully edited, and quite recognisable. Some have been stretched, effected and/or manipulated, as is our way. The title, an anagram of ‘impact gun’ (we like anagrams, but not as much as Skit likes power tools, you should hear his version of John Cage’s 4:33!), was inspired by Charlie Brooker, who in his annual ‘review of the year’ show, aptly referred to Donald Trump as an ‘experimental pig man’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, so we didn’t try. We would like to dedicate this track not to Charlie (but thanks), but rather to Little Baby Don, coz it would annoy him much more, though probably not as much as the accompanying graphic, which Alonetone sadly doesn’t cater for. Hey ho…
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