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An experimental musician friend in Canada told us about the RPM Challenge, it struck immediately as a noble and inspirational idea; simply to make music (or elsewhere) for the sake of making music (or elsewhere), and to be one of many doing the same. So, February 8th, having decided we would very much like to be a part of it, we sat down and thought about what we should do. It’s lockdown #2 here in England, schools are closed, free time and space is minimal, and it’s winter, short days and icy cold. We wanted to do something that reflected the hopeless depressive monotony many of us feel at the moment, being unable to leave our homes for anything other than essential shopping and exercise, so we came up with “R.F.A.”, which we hope will be as much a challenge to get through as this pandemic is. Can you survive all 35 minutes? Good luck…
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Love this!

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