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As our Skit so aptly put it; “Nothing proves John Cage’s assertion that there is no such thing as silence quite as well as power tools.” My having recorded a more ‘in the spirit’ take of Cage’s 4’33’’, capturing the peaceful sounds of the ferry slip at Knott End-On-Sea, as broadcast on “The Great John Cage Project In Lockdown” podcast series, Skit decided he wanted to do one HIS way. This involved a hedgetrimmer. Two hedgetrimmers, to be precise, but we’ll come to that. This track is assembled from various parts of his battle to record his dream version of Cage’s legendary work; combining his struggle to keep his trigger finger down on the first model (which, I freely confess, is not easy), his growing frustration when it kept slipping off (and then still complaining it was too quiet anyway), his moving onto a second (noisier) model, and then duct taping the throttle down for so long it burned the motor out. Honestly, the lengths people will go to for their art…
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