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The Lucca Maneuver

Magic Bullet

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So, we’d hit the RPM Challenge (and more specifically, the ‘every month’ variety thereof) with four consecutive months of 35 minute power tool wipeouts, we figured it was time for a change. Well, I did, Skit wanted to do power tools again. But then I said something about not wanting to fuel the constant criticism that experimental stuff is all ‘vacuum cleaner music’, and a big smile came over Skit’s face, and he called me a genius and said he could kiss me. I didn’t let him coz he had biscuit on his teeth and coffee breath and my wife gets jealous. So here ya go, Magic Bullet, no power tools, bang goes our street cred. Instead, a duet for two vacuum cleaners, by way of an ironic statement directed at those who would criticise our chosen discipline, a sonic sword to defeat them using the very weapon with which they cast their aspersions upon us. Oh, and it’ll make yer ears bleed… ;->
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