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Voyage Bekoz V (Full Cycle)

Magic Bullet

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When you’re sitting comfortably, I shall begin. {AN} Eel, the Charlie Dog Records (Canada) man, he was putting together a compilation for the Attenuation Circuit label (Germany), which we’d never had a release on before. So, Skit and I got this idea of placing condenser microphones all around a washing machine, and after a lot of mixing and post production, this is what we ended up with. Mr. Eel liked it, but it was unfortunately much longer than his requirements for the album (even though we only used the ‘daily quick wash’ program!), so we did a special edit at 13:21, a hi fi copy of which is available on the album “Zōuhy” on the aforementioned Attenuation Circuit label. For the first time, here’s the whole thing, complete for your aural pleasuring. Enjoy muchly, and don’t forget the fabric conditioner!
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