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Yeah, this “no more 35 minute ear-bleeders” promise we made; let’s be honest, it’s not happening, is it? Third monthly piece we’ve done for the RPM Challenge, third 35 minute ear-bleeder. Okay, this one isn’t a complete sonic barrage, it has troughs and peaks, but it’s still noise-based, it’s not Mantovani, is it? Last time, we used samples of a pneumatic drill (of which ‘Criminal Duplet’ is a pretty damned clever anagram), this time it’s a mitre saw (yes, ‘Wartimes’, it’s an anagram too, but no prizes). We’re actually feeling quite disposed to doing a whole series of these, then releasing all of them in one aural package of extraordinary magnitude come next March, when it’s all over. And we’re thinking of doing it under a banner title which will be a nod to the very RPM Challenge that inspired us to do it. We raise a glass to you, Elling! And not just because we love what you’re doing… also because we love drinking. Salut! ;->
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