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UnCaged: 33’4’’ - it’s a piece we’ve recently recorded for the French label, Camembert Électrique, to be released on a compilation called “Silence” in early December. It was John Cage whose 4’33’’ cleverly demonstrated the near impossibility of silence, but our approach was the antithesis of this, creating a work from white, pink and brown noise, effectively masking all other sounds so you can hear nothing but. White noise, in particular, is good for that, a gentle shushing sound to block out the intrusive clatter of the modern world. That’s one application. But when tweaked, we discovered, a few changes to the EQ, a little introduced cross-phase et al; well, it becomes a much less pleasant beast. Who is Earthshine? Immerse yourself in the full 35 minutes of this much less pleasant beast and you will know. A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing…
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I'm curious what would happen if you slowed this down with Paulstretch..

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