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While living in Seattle I knew a guy named Larry. Larry was one of the “pretty” people of the world and had most women drooling over him. He met and married Denise… Also one of the “pretty” people of the world. But Denise could not seem to cope with settling down with one man… She ran away a lot. This song is about how Larry felt and dealt with Denise…

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Scott Carmichael said

Excellent Mark.... well performed... some very nice playing and producng...

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unadjustedeye said

i love your sound. instruments blend instead of clash.

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drakonis said

Love this song, great writing, great singing... nice mixing... you should be proud of this one. There's a very slight phasing effect on your voice, which at first I didn't like much, but it adds a dreamy quality, so I changed my mind. Excellent harmonies. ttfn, Drakonis

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Piscean Dream Band said

Starts off sounding like a chord progression for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (I think the opening lyrics are "My friends are so depressed." Another excellent track! I think the cymbal splashes might be a little loud in spots but everything is mixed really well!

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another cultural landslide said

Oh, this is nice!

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