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Si ça va pas acoustic trial


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Just trying out a little song I just made up, et voilà, this is one of my “raw trial versions” or as I call them “ Me-Recordings” as they are not made for other people, for my ears only LOL.. So bad quality and all mistakes included ! Let me explain: sometimes I make a quick recording just like this one here, so I can see/hear if my scribbles can be actually turned into a song. Well, I think this one could ? I’ll put it aside with my other “Me-Recordings” for a rainy day :-) I played this on my little Höhner guitar, it has nylon strings, but one is about to snap and another string is fraying, so kinda weird playing. I must make time to restring my poor little guitar, it’s the one I use to create my songs. I decided I to share this “Me-Recording” with you. Happy listening, regards, Anna

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