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A friend sent me a loop he made on Reason, and I added a 2nd bass track and about 4 vocal tracks in various stages of aural legibility.

In the song I try to give a friend advice about how to stop his spiral downward. Starting with practical advice (Wash your hands) and ending with more personal (There doesn’t have to be anything wrong).

The chaotic vocals reflect the conflicting feelings experienced when a friend’s choices lead him out of your sphere of influence, and you feel anger, sadness, despair, indifference, etc..

Guest said

Shit give some credit to you, the bass makes this work .. i like it! AT

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misfit wine said

Wildgeas - no, he said he liked the song except for the vocals and lyrics. Well, maybe it helped, deep down, right?

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misfit wine said

Here's another one for you Brando. I have high hopes for a band, too. But there is none. Oh well! I like your live play experimentation (LPE).

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brando said

"live play experimentation" was referring to my high hopes for a band that has since totally dissolved. Love the vocal jumble on this one. And look at this... two more.

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Wildgeas Music said

Sweet sounds man. I wonder, did it help?

Guest said

Just came back to find this song-- and it's WONDERFUL! I think it's your best yet. Wonderful to be able to listen to it here! czw

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mmi said

I really like the sound you've got going on here.

Guest said

Great story to the song.....great work!

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