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Miss She

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“Miss She” is another step in my late-blooming evolution as a student of music. It’s more ambitious in terms of attempting to create an atmosphere of sound, and less ambitious in that I “wrote” the words while standing at the mic. (The next song I upload, “Birthday,” is in the same style but light-heartedly bitter instead of melancholic).

All the parts are by me, except the drum track, which is by the Boss 1180.

The song is about mourning the person one used to be before sacrificing all for a relationship in which one was ultimately not treated well or with honesty. In the end, the character in the song is reflecting that she is wiser, less naive, and has grown from the failed relationship, while acknowledging that she has lost her belief in the simple notion of “love.”

Yeah, I miss that girl… She believed in love…”

Guest said

i'd like to record this with you. I have some ideas.. feel like I get the spirit

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Richard Hardrick said

really cool!!!

Guest said

Perfect, mournful delivery of your message. (I write my lyrics in the same way. :-D)

Guest said

ur awesome

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ShamPain said

love the voice.

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