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Act I Protasis. It S Not Our Fault Beat By Scubacop

all things invisible

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Gonna let this moment bend us into circles so we have no ends
in light of everything you think of being isn’t always knowing
something isn’t coming, something in you still denying love,
love is never wanting to be all alone and so we roam in worlds
unknown of bleak and dark disasters, near forgetting what we’re after
This is just one chapter burning faster than your dreams of ever after,
no more…
It’s a waste what we’ve done
It’s a waste how we’ve shown of what we both have become

If it was that simple
We could just change the world

If it was that simple, but it’s not people
Let it fall to waste
change the faith and scenery
It all amounts inside of me
Surround ourselves by enemies
We think we’re human beings
But never seem to do those things

You see the swarm, it comes, but no one leaves their homes
No one knows their neighbors, all against each other
So we make, ourselves saves, to world and its ways

If we were that simple
If God was that simple
If love was that simple
We could just change the world

But you’d be better away,
You’re better alone, You’re better away

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Message She Gave said


Guest said

great lyrics. great delivery. really like the reflective music, tone and vocal performance. something very accessible and unique is happening here (if love was that simple,.,.excellent)

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Vestigial Remorse said

Love it -- awesome song musically and lyrically!

Guest said

love never wants to be all alONE, yeah...

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