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There’s a darkness creeping in the woods by a brimstone tree
A withered headless horseman traveling on the breeze
A mighty footprint measured 15 inches long
Whispered voices rolling in off the fog


Transcribe plates made of stone
Fallen temples their home
Creatures deep in the night
Call out from their headstone

Walking like an ape man 15 stories tall
Everyone has their version
Some large and others small
But if you hear the call from it’s belly you better run
Your in it’s realm now and it just wants to have some fun

There’s a darkness waiting in the woods by an old covered mossy oak
The black lagoon is bubbling
The air filled with acid smoke
Footsteps crackin’ with the sound of fallen fauna
The ticking of the hoofbeats is now pushing down upon ya


Travel light
Heed not these words
Soon you’ll see
Your Home

The chase is on
Breaking branches you run for cover
Yellow eyes seal your fate
Just a big piece of steak

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BogStomp said

F%&$ yeah! Great tune as usual. Guitar tone is killer!

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