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Standing Stone

Movement To Contact

The song was written making multiple trips over both Wolf Creek and Cumbres pass during the winter months. Roads become impassable quickly and can leave you stranded on either side. Stuck waiting for the melt trying to get home you realize that no matter how bad things can get you will survive. One afternoon after a good snow storm I stopped to watch 2 coyotes chasing each other out across the open lands near the top of Cumbres. I was having an awful trip that time so seeing the wildlife playing without a care in the world put everything in perspective.
Dawn will break the sky
Painting the landscape
Across my eyes

Leaves blow on the roads
Crisp air delivers
Winters hold

Like a standing stone
I will be here
When all is gone

Like a standing stone
I can weather
All this world can throw

Seasons come and go
The branches break
From heavy snow

The ice forms crystal clear
Can’t stop the river
That runs below

Coyotes in the fields
The powder breaks
Beneath my heel

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